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Integrated Strategic Management Maturity Model

ISM3 heat map 2Risk is inherent to the management of utility assets.  

We understand this reality, and we work with our clients to mature their risk management processes at a pace that matches their unique regulatory circumstances and business priorities.

The Davies Consulting Integrated Strategic Management Maturity Model (ISM3) TM helps utilities evaluate how well they integrate risk mitigation priorities and asset management strategies with investment decisions in a consistent, repeatable, transparent process that fosters sustainable improvement over time. The ISM3 process and model take a goal-oriented, data-driven, long-term approach to process assessment and improvement, helping to diagnose strengths, identify opportunities for improvement, and document ongoing progress.

How does it work?

  • Framework based upon international standards (ISO 55000 and ISO 31000)
  • Evaluates consistency and integration of risk, asset, and investment decision processes
  • Methodology for measuring process maturity
  • Provides feedback concerning existing processes 
  • Informs a roadmap for continuous improvement at every level of the organization
  • Enables consistent documentation of business strategy goals and progress 

Why ISM3?

  • Facilitates executive-level discussion for process improvements that will boost performance
  • Bridges the gap between strategic risk management and operational risk mitigation 
  • Establishes a consistent lexicon for addressing risk within a company
  • Advances business strategy goals and positively impacts reliability performance, regulatory strategy, and return on equity

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