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Storm Simulation Model

To support after-action review and mitigation planning, Davies Consulting’s Storm Simulation Model illustrates the progression of a storm, the damage that it caused, and the effectiveness of a utility’s restoration efforts based on extent of outages, crew deployment, weather, and other data.  






How does it work?

  • Davies Consulting gathers available data from the client and other organizations in order to digitally “recreate” the storm, its impact, and the utility’s response.  
  • Storm re-creation is broken down into hourly snapshots, beginning before the storm impacted the service territory and ending with the last restored customer.
  • Each snapshot consists of a weather map plus an overlay graphic of the utility’s service territory and an indicator of the total number of customers served and the fraction of customers without service.  
  • Additional data about storm specifics, resource acquisition, and other factors can be integrated into the snapshots.  
  • Model outputs are very useful for after-action reports and regulatory testimonies.