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Storm Benchmark Database

Our Major Weather Event Response Benchmark Database enables electric utility organizations to thoroughly evaluate their overall restoration efforts against industry standards.

Davies Consulting updates the database using fresh data related to wind storms, ice storms, hurricanes, and thunderstorms.  Currently, the database contains data from more than 45 utilities related to 90+ major storm events.  This data is very helpful when justifying the emergency costs associated with a utility’s major event incident response.

How does it work?

  • Designed in collaboration with more than 30 electric utility partners 
  • Includes storm data from 50+ major events spanning 1998-2012
  • Includes statistics on:
    • Number of Customers Out
    • Restoration Curve (Rate)
    • Resource Deployment (number of resources by type)
    • Level of Damage by Type of Equipment
    • Restoration Cost
    • Customer Call Center Statistics
    • Emergency Preparedness Practices
    • Safety Performance
    • Equipment Replacement