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Asset Life Cycle Analysis

(Trans)ALCA - 2Data-Based Aging Asset Replacement Strategy.

Developed in collaboration with a consortium of utilities, the Davies Consulting Asset Life Cycle Analysis (ALCA) tool enables its users to evaluate aging infrastructure replacement strategies at the individual asset or portfolio level.  

Using ALCA, distribution utilities predict both near-term and long-term financial and system performance resulting from strategic asset replacement and maintenance decisions.  Davies Consulting works closely with ALCA clients to ensure that their asset management processes and model implementation lead to improved reliability and enhanced bottom line. A second Davies Consulting model, TransALCA, is tailored to account for redundancies built into the transmission system.  (The transmission system contains redundancies so that it can withstand a significant number of failures without any change in the customer experience).

How does it work?

  • Analyzes historical asset failure data against a library of failure probability curves for seven distribution assets:  poles, underground cables, distribution power transformers, reclosers, padmount switches, breakers, and air break switches. 
  • Accepts historical outage data specific to the organization to develop a unique profile.
  • Creates customized simulations based on client interests.
  • Scalable and flexible, allowing clients to add new asset classes, failure curves, and custom strategies.
  • Generates customized reports to help communicate strategy rationale and support process change.


  • Evaluates infrastructure replacement strategies for individual asset categories and for portfolios of assets. 
  • Reports on inventory change over time, capital and O&M cost projections, and SAIFI and SAIDI values over time.
  • Supports strategy development based on Run-to-Fail, Replacing with Identical Assets, Replacing with Different Assets, Extending Asset Life, and any of these combined.
  • Davies Consulting provides continued support to clients as their processes mature and strategic vision changes.