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Asset Investment Strategy

AIS - 2Data-driven decision making demands consistency, repeatability & transparency.

Our asset management process advice is supported by the Asset Investment Strategy (AIS) 3.0 tool, incorporating these three values into long-term enterprise-wide asset management for energy utilities. AIS 3.0 is the only web-based tool of its kind being used regularly by utilities for optimizing budgets, analyzing investment options across diverse business units, and evaluating and managing associated risks.

How does it work?

  • Objectively evaluates each project’s alignment with client-defined strategic objectives such as customer satisfaction, financials, reliability, load growth and corporate responsibility.
  • Prioritizes potential projects by evaluating their financial strength and strategic value for the company.
  • Provides flexibility, allowing portfolio managers to set scenario parameters and analyze alternatives with reports and scoring mechanisms that are customized to their goals.  
  • Selects the portfolio of investments that provides the highest total business value within real-world budgetary constraints.

Why AIS?

  • Highly customizable to meet specific customer requirements.
  • Applies a consistent methodology to budget and investment decisions.
  • Ties budget decisions to business strategies and objectives.
  • Improves budget decision-making transparency.
  • Engages staff and stakeholders in funding decisions.
  • Evaluates and optimizes portfolio options over the long or short-term.