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Strategies for Complex Organizations

Integrated Strategic Management

Risk is inherent to the utility business.  

As asset-intensive businesses operating within prescribed regulatory context, utilities manage risk every day through routine operational and strategic decisions.   Davies Consulting helps ensure that these decisions are aligned with strategic business objectives in a way that consistently and methodically optimizes risk throughout company operations. 

Our most recent engagements have demonstrated the value of integrating risk and asset management priorities into utility investment strategies and related regulatory proceedings.  Our Integrated Strategic Management Maturity Model (ISM3 TM)provides a framework for accomplishing this vision. 

An ISM3 TM assessment evaluates the maturity and integration of utility processes for:

  • Identifying and prioritizing strategic and operational risks
  • Assessing the probability and consequence of their impact
  • Evaluating mitigation options that can reduce risk and potential impacts
  • Optimizing a portfolio of mitigation investments based on maximum risk reduction per dollar spent
  • Establishing a residual risk registry and analyzing consequence management options
  • Implementing investment priorities through mitigation activities

The Result: 

A unified strategic vision, consistent priorities, and coordinated investments across utility organizations.  We help get everyone on the same page, ensuring that on-the-ground operational decisions are in sync with strategic business objectives.