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Grid Modernization

iStock_000000464259MediumWe recognize that grid modernization is evolutionary, not revolutionary.

Distributed energy resources, customer energy management solutions, and other new technologies are creating a need for new kinds of utility processes, systems, and analysis.  Davies Consulting enables clients to integrate risk, asset, and investment management to continue and improve the safety and reliability of electric and gas delivery systems while maintaining reasonable costs. We enable clients to thrive as they adapt within their own unique regulatory, geographic, and technological circumstances.

Working with industry leaders through The GridWise Alliance, Davies Consulting supports new technologies that incorporate distributed generation technologies; protect overall system reliability through dynamic forecasting and balanced variability; and integrate supply-side grid analytics and communications networks. These tools enable energy utilities to maintain maximum performance of their distribution systems.

With 25 years of experience behind us, Davies Consulting is working at the nexus of this evolution, lending expertise to address the real-world challenges faced by our clients as they adapt their utility business models and regulatory approaches in response to changing technologies and stakeholder demands.

  • Business process consulting
  • Analytical tools
  • Regulatory communication
  • Asset investment strategy