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Emergency Management

iStock_000017215359MediumStorms.  Cyber threats.  Earthquakes. 

Vandalism.  Pandemic.  System malfunctions. 

Every day, electric and gas utilities face a myriad of threats to their operations.  Our three integrated lines of business enable clients to anticipate and prevent threats from impacting utility operations, while ensuring preparedness to respond effectively in the face of a realized threat. Leading utilities prepare, plan, train, and exercise to maintain readiness so that they can respond to emergencies before they become crises.

Our clients are high-performance organizations focused on strengthening links between strategy and process, management structures and human systems. Davies Consulting enables seamless emergency management organizations by enhancing preparedness, improving the effectiveness of response and restoration operations, and streamlining emergency communication across the enterprise. 

In each engagement, the Davies Consulting team takes a customized approach, tailored to the specific needs of each client while addressing five main emergency management focus areas: 

  • Strategy & Governance
  • Response Plan Development & Process Improvement
  • Training, After-Action Review, Cost Recovery
  • Exercise Design & Execution

2016 Emergency Management Excellence Awards

Emergency Management Solutions

Supporting Tools 

Often, our process design and assessment requires the use of supporting tools, which provide metrics, analytic support, and other data-based solutions.


Emergency Management Case Studies: