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Crisis Communications Strategy & DevelopmentInterview

Crisis Communication is a critical part of any emergency management strategy.  Davies Consulting offers creative thinking and comprehensive knowledge to help clients respond, restore, and maintain strong community connections during a crisis event. We help clients develop strategy, key messages, processes, and plans that integrate across communication channels.  Our consultants have served in crisis and joint information centers during emergencies, where we’ve learned that effective communication has a tremendous positive impact on customer satisfaction, regulatory and legislative relationships, and — therefore — the bottom line.


Strategic Planning

Davies Consulting’s strategic planning services help clients develop solid business foundations and forward-thinking business plans that incorporate corporate vision, asset management, regulatory efforts, and emergency management throughout a company. Our consulting team provides clients with a unique combination of hands-on industry experience and management consulting expertise. We help clients assess their business decisions within the context of regulatory requirements, financial goals, consumer demands, and stakeholder objectives.



Business Process Improvement

Davies Consulting helps utilities enhance business efficiency, increase profit margins, and build stakeholder relationships through enhancement, development, and implementation of business process improvement plans.  Assessment and process development are the bedrock of this effort, and our consultants use their extensive change management experience to ensure that modified business processes for budget and resource allocation, organizational structures, roles and responsibilities are implemented with enthusiasm by client stakeholders, resulting in positive and lasting business results.


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